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We value the creative process, enriching people’s lives and delivering results that transform businesses.

We are a digital marketing agency and video production studio
proudly based in Albuquerque, NM.


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We Don't Just Build Websites. We Build Movements.

From the foundation – we work with businesses to design their brand story.  We create digital marketing assets to be shared with current and potential customers on all web platforms. We use proven content marketing strategies that drive search engine optimization (SEO) with qualitative and quantitative insights.

Our process in web design, SEO, video production and graphic design is to deliver branded content that is high quality, brings clarity to your customers journey, and delivers your business’s unique perspective. Our team of brand artists strive create the best visual web experience for your business. From capturing stunning photos that will captivate your audience to cinematic videos that will inspire visitors to “stay tuned.”

Eric Benedict, Survivor.

Let the People Speak.
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Your customers are your biggest fans.

“Rad5 Media, has been instrumental in all aspects of our branding for a few years.  They are professional, talented, and more than anything great listeners.  They have an amazing ability to create based on loosely structured visions that we provide.  They never ceases to impress us, and we are happy to have them as part of our team.”
01. You’ll never beat the internet on volume.

There is a lot of noise on the web. We work with you to create content that speaks to your business philosophies and brand. Video Marketing is the most effective way to share your story through the stories of others.  

Working with Elevate PHW, we developed a digital marketing campaign, complete with a new web design, infographics, corporate photography, to share the incredible impact their coaches have on the people they train. It’s not about the gym and the equipment, it’s about what going to the gym allows you to do beyond the gym walls.

02. Stories bring people together. Share what matters.

Stories bring people together – it is the common thread that unifies B2C, B2B clients and employees. The story is what unifies your tribe – and inspires sharing and community building.  Share your business story – people will be inspired.

Eric Benedict is an incredible human being. Aside from surviving a terrible battle with cancer, he had a dream to become a professional basketball player. And he did it. Today he continues to inspire the world around and his basketball community as a assistant head coach. 

2021 Communicator Award | Gold
Video Excellence


“Phoenix Rising: Changing Course After Tragedy.”

In the Campaign-Branding for Branded Entertainment category, Genex won GOLD for the video, The video, featuring the case of flight paramedic, Derek Boehm, was selected among other well-known brands such as 3M and HP Inc.

Genex is the largest case management firm in the United States.

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2021 Communicator Award | Gold
Video Excellence

In the Campaign-Branding for Branded Entertainment category, Genex won GOLD for the video, “Phoenix Rising: Changing Course After Tragedy.” The video, featuring the case of flight paramedic, Derek Boehm, was selected among other well-known brands such as 3M and HP Inc.


The Customer Experience


Communication + CRM



Let's go somewhere.

The customer journey matters. Design matters. Take your customers somewhere they haven’t been before.

Cornerstone content will pay dividends if you focus on developing high quality content, having a unique perspective and clear messaging.

Create content that matters to your customers. Make it memorable.

The customer journey matters.
Be sure you deliver on your promise.


“What a find Rad5 Media was when we hired them to shoot a video in Albuquerque. Their outstanding work led our company to receive a Communicator Award for our documentary, “The Rise of a Real-Life Robocop.” Since then we have hired Rad5 Media for other important video projects and they have always delivered. Not only does Rad5 Media have excellent videographers, but they are very easy to work with and offers great suggestions to make each video shine. As head of communications at Genex Services, we highly recommend Rad5 Media!” – Genex is the largest case management firm in the United States.



Be Visible. The Numbers Have a Story to Tell.

Understanding how and why visitors engage with your website is key to designing a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Once you understand how you are being found online or not – we will be able to develop a clear path to ensure you have an actionable strategy for improving your search results.

Understanding competitor search performance can provide valuable insights.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s how you optimize your website to show up in Google search results. Often times, the the first two pages of Google deliver the most business to companies. Our mission is to help your business “start to show up.”

Through quantitative and qualitative analytic research, Rad5 Media will provide a detailed roadmap on how to improve your overall search rankings and deliver a strategy and path for implementation.

If you’re the new kid on the block and need to let the world know about your incredible new business – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a great place to start. Or if you’re an established brand looking to drive sales, SEM is still an incredible way to supplement any SEO strategy. Google Ads, Facebook Business Management, and Instagram are powerful ways to get in front of your ideal audience. Together, we can identity the best platform for you to grow your company.

We look at all sources of web traffic and identify what traffic is valuable and which is not. We’ll identify potential revenue sources and how to optimize your website for improved engagement and customer experience.

Collect your data points.

We leverage state of the art web applications into gain insight into consumer behavior, industry trends, and competitor strategy. Curious to see how and why your competition is out ranking you in Google search results? We can tell you and help develop a strategy that will improve your competitive edge and drive more traffic to your website.

The numbers have a story to tell. Throught our reporting and maintenance plans we’ll deliver comprehensive, understandable insights that define a clear path forward and implement a plan that fits your business needs.


“We engaged Rad5 Media after carefully searching the US for the best SEO Web designer and social media management team. After a few interviews with Rad5 Media we were sure they were “the one”. They had personality and work ethic and were BOLD from start to finish. They listened to us and our team and our vision, they were as excited and passionate about our dream as we were. When they sent over the preview, upon opening the link and navigating through the site Rad5 Media had designed and how they incorporated EVERY last small detail that we had discussed we were amazed! They went over and beyond and has over delivered. If we could give Rad5 Media 100 Stars we would! We are blessed to have Rad5 Media as part of our team, and look forward to the next project. We recommend Rad5 to anyone looking to be #1. Rad5 Media will give you the results you’re looking to see through digital marketing.”

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